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Reflections to Ring in the New Year

It all started with a box of old film cans and a lot of questions.  We knew, like you, that it contained a priceless treasure trove of memories almost forgotten – and that it was held with the intention that someone would care for it sooner or later.  

Gradually we learned techniques of preserving it to digital formats to keep forever.  Word soon got out – and we found ourselves doing the same for countless boxes held in other people’s homes.

Now, eight years later, we are convinced that there is more of our culture lying in attics, closets and basements than in museums, libraries and universities.  It occurred to us that we are the first generation of mankind to be able to watch and hear our parents grow up.  Face it – our kids will never be the same.

We started with the dream of preserving as much of our culture as possible  – one box at a time.  Now all we can say is, wow.  Not only have we seen real history unfold from many regions of the world, we have come in contact with the best clients we ever could have dreamed up.

Sometimes they come in the form of filmmakers, artists, universities and athletes – but mainly our clients are people just like you and us.  People with memories sitting around in old boxes.

As we begin this new year – keep in mind a lesson we have learned from this experience.  Every day is a potential memory – it comes only once – and our most important memories won’t be of the Grand Canyon, Niagara or even the Eiffel Tower.  They will be of the people around us that we take for granted.  They are who we want to see and remember.

Take a picture of somebody today.

Happy New Year,


Steve and Rob                                    Memories to DVD


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How Much is it Worth?

You may think of them as only your home movies that nobody else would be interested in.  But you may have glimpses of the past that exists nowhere else.  And that’s worth a lot! 

Recently some regular 8mm film thought to be worthless was discovered in a closet containing footage  of John F. Kennedy 90 seconds before his assassination, It was quickly inducted by the National Film Registry and is now in a museum in Dallas.  

Small gauge film experienced a heyday in the volatile 1950’s and 1960’s at the very time the Interstate highway system was being built.  The next time you view your film, you may find things in the peripheral you never noticed before.  Who knows?  They may have changed history.

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