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Fun Footage: a Visit to Opryland USA

Opryland USA opened in May of 1972 and was a thriving theme park located in Nashville ,TN.  During its heyday the park boasted 27 rides over its 200-acre grounds and attracted almost 2 million visitors annually.

Opryland incorporated many live shows throughout and was appropriately billed as the “Home of American Music.”  In the summer of 1980, admission was $9.75 and you could buy a season ticket for $34.

After 26 years of operations, Opryland closed its doors in 1997 and was dismantled.  All that’s left now are the memories.  Fortunately, there exist lots of moving images of visits to Opryland like these taken from Super 8 film in the mid 1970’s.  Watch this video by clicking here.

You can read more about Opryland USA here, and enjoy a virtual visit through the park at


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