The Total Home Movie Solution

The Seagate Free Agent Theater

Wow, how fast technology moves.  After reading this you may rethink putting anything on a DVD ever again.  Not to say that’s a bad thing to do, it’s just that archivists have long known that external drive storage is the better way to longevity, but that has traditionally required software and a computer to view.  All that is about to change.

Introducing the new way to view your movies: straight from your hard drive to your TV.  Sound techy?  Not really.  There are two open-ended devices out there that are easier to use than DVD players and can access hundreds of hours of home videos right off your external drives from your remote without you having to get off the couch.

Check out these two: Western Digital’s WD TV, and Seagate’s Free Agent Theater.  Each can decode and transmit movies directly to your TV in virtually any standard format (AVI, WMV, MP4, etc.) from your Windows or MAC drive with easy-to-use menus.

Here’s a great way to enjoy years of recorded memories (in editable fashion) without having to change DVDs:  let Memories to DVD transfer your film, photos, slides and videotape to an external hard drive.  Then plug and play!  For info, call one of us at 615-479-8510.

Interested?  Watch this cool 56 sec video.


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